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The modern version of the ultimate Bentley Boy story took place in the hottest place on Earth, the Saudi Arabian desert in the middle of August.

Back in 1930, three-time Le Mans winner Captain Woolf Barnato won a race with a train in his Bentley. Known as the “Blue Train” run, the race was between Barnato’s Bentley Speed Six and the famous Train Bleu that ran from Cannes to Calais.

Barnato managed to beat the train by a long margin, covering over 570 miles (917 km) at an average speed of 43.43 mph (69.9 km/h), an impressive achievement on the rough roads of France at the time.

85 years after that famous race, modern day Bentley Boy Steven Kane raced a train in a Continental GT V8 S Convertible from Riyadh to Damman in Saudi Arabia.

The race against Saudi Arabia’s only desert passenger train took place over a distance of 480 km (298 miles) from Riyadh (deep in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula) to Damman on the Arabian Gulf. After four hours and 14 minutes , the new Continental GT V8 S Convertible arrived first at the destination, with six minutes to spare.

Fun times in a very hot desert

Bentley dashboard
51c or 122 Fahrenheit in the middle of the day


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