UAE’s first rope swing

How did the UAE’s first rope swing get setup?

In early may 2015 a crazy idea started floating around the TRAKS office. For the 10 year anniversary of the company, it’s founder James Falchetto wanted to do something big, actually something HUGE, never done before in the UAE.

A gigantic rope swing.

If you are not familiar with rope swings, they are the adult equivalent to a children’s swing. The only major difference being that you start by jumping off a 100m cliff!

Setting up the rope swing

The first challenge was the heat, June in the UAE isn’t known to be really pleasant and daytime temperatures often hit 40c.  Next was climbing up high enough to setup the horizontal line which was going to carry the swing rope.

Since there was no top access form this area, Read Macadam had to trad climb to setup fixed ropes which allowed the team to jumar up and haul all the equipment. Once this was done a tension line was setup to easily access the top area from which the swing would be setup.

On the other side of the wadi a second team setup bolts to anchor the horizontal line across the wadi.

Testing the rope swing

Since this was a first in the region and definitely one of the largest rope swings in the world, the TRAKS team decided to test it with a dummy. After a few minor adjustments the swing was declared safe for human trials and we all headed back to RAK town excited about the next morning’s jump.

Client: TRAKS

10 year anniversary corporate video

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