How to get a permit to do aerial filming in Dubai?


How do you get a permit to do aerial filming in Dubai?

Getting a permit for aerial filming is usually the second most common question I receive after “how much does an aerial video cost?

We are specialists in obtaining these permits quickly and efficiently.

There is not one simple answer to do this as it really depends WHERE you are going to film and WHAT you are going to film.

1. No objection letter (NOC) from the owner

In almost all cases you want to film a site or a project (for example a new tower building) you will need the owner’s approval.

This will require a no-objection letter from the owner of the project in order for us to get started.

Keep in mind that as we fly around your project we might be going over someone else’s property and would also need an NOC letter from them.

2. Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) permit

For all aerial shooting you will need an aerial permit.

In order to apply for an Aerial Permit you have to a No-objection letter first (see above).

We can process this permit through DFTC. The application fee is AED 1000 and the location fee depends on the location, famous landmarks cost more than a random street.

3. Ministry of Defence approval

DFTC takes care of the MOD approval and we will receive an email to confirm the permit number and indicate that we have to pay the MOD fee.

The MOD cost is usually AED 2,500.

4. Civil Aviation approval

The final step for the permit is to get the approval from the Department of Civil Aviation in Dubai. Once the shoot date is confirmed we visit the DCA offices and get the permit for that date.

The fee is AED 3100.

3. Aerial filming outside Dubai

If you wan to shoot outside the Dubai emirate limits, you usually don’t need a location permit but will always require the owner’s permission.

Each case is different and we are specialists in finding fast and efficient ways to get you all the permits you need at the lowest cost possible.

Please give us a call or email with a short brief of your project and we will tell you exactly what you need in terms of paper-work.

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