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Offshore aerial filming for a new ship

Can you do offshore aerial filming?

Offshore aerial filming is something we do quite often since most of the UAE’s economy is turned towards the sea. The question came in a few weeks ago and we started planning on how to get one of our drones safely onboard and back to shore.

When shooting offshore there are few considerations to keep in mind.

1. You have to come back to shore

The ship takes hours to leave port and follow a channel at reduced speed to get offshore. Once she is there she will usually keep sailing to her destination. Having a small chase boat to bring you back to shore means you don’t spend the next few weeks cruising the seven seas.

2. Transporting the drone

Since we had to climb up and down a rope ladder to get off the ship into a smaller boat, bringing our larger 5DMkiii flying drone was impossible. We opted for the smaller GoPro carrying drone which still produced stunning HD images.

We transported the drone and all its peripherals in a Pelican case which considering how much we got sprayed on the speed boat was the best to go.

3. Beware of interference

Ships are covered in radars, antennas, and sonars. While most are just receiving, radars are also sending out very powerful waves. In order to avoid any interference with our RC controlled drone and it’s video feed we worked closely with the crew to keep everything safe.

4. Plan your flights and your shots

This is even more important when you are filming a moving object in high winds. A good and clear understanding of what the required shots are and how they will be used in post production is critical here.

In our case we shot in the golden hour so we had less than 30min to make sure we filmed the entire ship, including it’s impressive fire fighting jets.

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