Night flying with drones

How can you do night flying with drones?

During the recent Mubadala World Tennis Championship 2016 we flew around the Zayed Sport City tennis central court.

Flying at night can bring some stunning aerial sceneries but also require certain conditions in order to stay safe.

Staying safe when night flying with drones

Some key points are important to remember when operating drones at night.

 Always keep visual contact with the drone. Night time makes spotting the drone a tougher job, so it’s crucial to always be in visual range of the drone, no flying beyond visual range.

Spot all the ‘invisible’ obstacles before the flight. Wires, cables and ropes are practically invisible at night, scout the location of the flight before, preferably in the day time and make a note of all the obstacles which can make the flight dangerous.

Avoid flying above crowds. This is a good safety measure in the day time also, you never know when an engine might stop and send the drone plummeting down.

Make sure you know your camera’s night time specifications: Flying in low light means different settings on the camera. Some cameras are better than others when dealing with low light, make sure your settings are right before you go out in the big black sky.

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