5 things to help you succeed with aerial drones

What is important to remember for successful filming with aerial Drones ?

Last August we spent a few days working hard to film a water-park near Dubai.

We quickly learned that there are 5 things to keep in mind when doing those aerial shoots.

1. With Aerial Drones always safety first

Our drone is very reliable and we had no issue flying above families having fun in the water.

Thanks to our HD live-feed we were capable of keeping an eye on it’s systems and make sure everything was in the green despite the extreme heat and humidity of the UAE summer.

2. Landing and take-off areas for the aerial drones

Work closely with the park staff to establish cordoned-off take-off and landing areas. Thanks to the great team of the water-park who helped us keep curious children from approaching the spinning propellers.

Always keeping a safe area is critical for aerial drone operations, this allows the pilot to bring the drone back quickly in case of an emergency and also to move around and keep an eye on the drone while it’s operating.

Keeping a safe area is not just important in crowded areas like water-parks. We once had a shoot which started outside a construction site and within a few minutes found ourselves surrounded by curious construction workers. Unfortunately we didn’t have the help of the park staff to keep these guys away so we had to land and establish our own safety perimeter.

There is nothing more distracting than a few dozen men fighting to get a look at the live-feed by jumping and pushing behind your shoulders!

3. HD live feed helps

Thanks to our HD live-feed the camera operator can see exactly what the aerial drone’s camera is filming in real-time. This is important for several reasons:

– You get the shot you want, and if the pilot didn’t manage to put the drone in the right position for the shot you know right away.

– The camera operator can follow a scene, a vehicle or people on the ground whilst the pilot flies up,down or circles around them.

Life feed on the director's screen

Life feed on the director’s screen

4. Chose the right aerial drone for your shoot

These days almost everyone is flying a drone in their backyard. I have seen 12-year olds fly them in the park or in their garden.

Keep in mind the following points when you chose an aerial drone filming company:

– Is the company licensed for this type of operation?

– How many years of experience do they have?

– What are the technical specs of the aerial drone they are using?

– Do they have a live-feed ?

These are just some of the questions you want to ask the aerial filming company in charge of your shoot. In the water-park case our decision was simple we needed a strong and sturdy drone which could take the abuse of the extreme weather and give us a live-feed.

5. Always discuss the shot before you take-off

We always discuss the shot we want with the client before the drone takes-off. Keep in mind an aerial drone only has about 10min of flight time.

Our shoot required several discussions with our client to ensure a simple storyboard is created and that everyone is 100% on the shot we are looking for.

Once the drone takes-off it’s too late to discuss it as the pilot and the camera operator is busy getting the shot that is planned.

Find out more and visit our resource page “Aerial Filming in Dubai”

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