Dubai Filming permits

 How to get filming permits in Dubai?

All locations in Dubai will require permits in order to film there. We can apply and secure filming permits from the Dubai Film and TV Commission.


Keep in mind that each part of Dubai is divided into governmental, semi-governmental and non-governmental properties.

The Film Commission has a useful list of all these properties on it’s website and you can quickly find out which ones are governmental or not.

The last type of location are private ones and we will come back to those later.

The difference between each type of location is mostly in terms of price.

How much does a filming permit cost in Dubai?

The pricing of permits is depends on the owner.

For private location the fee is completely dependent on the owner of said property.

The filming permit fees for semi-governmental locations is up to AED 25,000 for a whole day (24 hours).

For government locations the maximum fee is AED 25,000 per day.







NOC letters and approvals for filming permits in Dubai

The first step in order to start the filming permit process is to obtain a no objection certificate from the property owner.

Most of the times the property owner will be your client and you can easily get the no objection certificate to film their property.

In other cases you will have to find a way to get a NOC letter from the property owner before you start the permit process.

If you are looking for an aerial filming permit then the process starts exactly the same with the NOC but then becomes a lot longer.

If you need help for your filming permits do not hesitate to contact us


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