Why every corporate website needs a video


Does my corporate website really need a video?

Sure, you are thinking I’m going to recomend video because we produce great web optimized corporate videos.

There are several reasons why you should seriously think about using video to explain what you do to future customers.

Video is more effective than text

A recent study showed that when we visit a website we spend on average 48 seconds. That’s really not long, if you consider that in less than a minute a potential client has made a ‘first impression’ of what you do and now has to make a decision.

It’s no secret that the longer a person spends on your website, the higher the chances that person will contact you.

In a world of short attention spans and constant information bombardement, grabbing someone’s attention is key.

Add a video to your site and people will spend a whopping 5 minutes 50 seconds per visit. This is a huge leap with one single little change.

This means that video is 5.33 times more effective than text.

Anyone who watches TV can attest of its magnetic powers in captivating attention.

Video explains what you do

So now that you have someone’s attention what can you do with it?

Remember the first reason people go online is because they are searching for something, a review of a product, an address, a service, or some more information about what they are looking to buy.

A video is the perfect tool to educate your prospective client, there are several ways to go about it.

  • A promotional video which showcases your services, or products.
  • An event which your company setup
  • A behind the scenes look of your operations and how you help your customers.

Probably the best way to win the trust of a potential customer is to have how-to videos.

Youtube is quickly becoming a resource for finding out pretty much anything from how to tie a knot, all the way to how to use a certain software.

Videos have a strong educational component tied to them because we retain 30% of what we see and  20% of what we hear. This explains why products promoted by video increases their chance of being bought by 85%.


When a customer types a question in Google they are a lot more likely to enter a website which has a video. The simple reason behind this choice is that Google results for videos appear with a little frame from the video.

A final number, in 2013, 90% of all web traffic will be video (Cisco).

So I want to know, what are you waiting for to put a video on your website?

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