Aerial shoot of the UAE’s largest solar plant

Aerial shoot of a solar farm We recently drove down to Liwa to shoot the UAE’s largest Concentrated Solar Plant. The location was stunning, right in the middle of the big dunes of Liwa and awe inspiring by its size. Risk Assessment in aerial shoots One thing we always take care of doing before a […]

Adding an aerial shot to your corporate video

Why add aerial shots to your corporate video? There are many reasons to add aerial shots to your corporate video. You might need to add some aerial shots of a new development, or the end of a construction project. For all these reasons and a few others we recently did a week long aerial shoot with The […]

5 reasons why a drone is better than a helicopter

  What are the reasons which make a drone better than a real helicopter? A lot of times people tell us, well it doesn’t fly as long or as high as a real helicopter. Sure drones have limitations and we don’t hide them. You can find out more about the technical specs of our drones but […]

Aerial filming of a waterpark in a UAE summer

Well we found out this week what happens when you fly the DJI S800 in 47c heat and 60%  humidity. Yes it still flies and you can still get beautiful HD quality aerial video shots of your project. Considerations for aerial filming in UAE’s extreme heat One thing you notice when flying in these temperatures […]

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Aerial shoot in Dubai of a traditional fishing boat

  Aerial shoot in Dubai above the sea We just finished an aerial shoot on the Dubai coast. A traditional Dubai fishing boat, called a Dhow, was the main subject of this aerial video. Although the heat creates quite a few problems for aerial filming in the summer we chose the sunset time to get this magical golden […]

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Dubai aerial filming

Aerial filming in Dubai with drones A very cost effective way to do aerial filming in Dubai to use remote control helicopters or drones. Whether you are an international producer or a corporation based in Dubai I can help with your shooting permissions, and remote controlled helicopters equipped with HD cameras. Dubai Aerial filming reel How much does […]

Aerial filming FAQ

Do you have aerial filming questions? Read below we will answer them. What types of aerial drones do you use? Depending on your productions needs and budget, we have several types of aerial drones. A custom built multi-copter, an eight-engine workhorse which offers the latest in aerial filming technology. The multi-copter carries either a Canon 5D […]

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Offshore aerial filming for a new ship

Can you do offshore aerial filming? Offshore aerial filming is something we do quite often since most of the UAE’s economy is turned towards the sea. The question came in a few weeks ago and we started planning on how to get one of our drones safely onboard and back to shore. When shooting offshore […]

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