Base jumping in big caves, Majlis Al Jinn and other adventures in Oman

The BIG cave

Majlis Al Jinn is a cave close to my heart.
I first found out about it in 2005 when a friend of mine living in Oman invited me to come and abseil the 180m into it.

url-300x194The inside chamber is enormous, you can easily park a Boeing 747 in there. The cave was only recently discovered in 1982 and has two main entrances.

One access is through a shaft that goes through the rock ceiling for 20 meters and pops into the highest point of the chamber.

The other opening, and the largest one is the one that the base jumpers will use for their jumps.

Due to illegal base jumps the cave has remained closed since 2007. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear from my brother James that a permit had been issued.


The setup of the jump

After a night in Muscat we headed early to Majlis. James and Dan from Traks Pro  quickly and efficiently setup the rope system which will allow the non base-jumping folks to have access to the cave.

I busied myself with setup shots, and capturing sound-bytes from the base jumpers as they saw the cave for the very first time.

One word kept coming back, intimidating.

Like any true professionals, Matt, Chris, Noah and Mike are honest about how they feel. They know what they are getting themselves into and the risks involved.

This doesn’t stop them from joking around and being to have around even before such a big jump.

They quizzed me about the topography inside the cave and I offered to set a Petzl Ultra in the middle of the landing zone to help guide them.

I abseiled into the cave to setup my Canon XF on a tripod near the landing area in order to capture them free-falling through the large opening.

The jumps

Just as I finished setting-up, I heard James voice in my earphone saying Noah was getting ready. A few minutes later he back -flipped into the cave, opened his SkyDive Dubai rig and landed flawlessly next to the Ultra.

Noah then got winched back up and he shared his impressions with the others. Mike, and Chris jumped next, almost all together.

Finally Noah and Matt decided to do a 2-way, basically they jumped almost simultaneously into this very black void.

These guys rock and I hope you enjoy watching their jumps as much as I did watching them.


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