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5D mark3 aerial filming over Dubai

Why is the Canon 5D mark3 simply the best solution for aerial filming? Not so long ago, the best a multi-copter or done could carry was a small Go-Pro size camera. Now we can safely fly a Canon 5D mark3 and the increase in quality footage speaks for itself. Our 8 engine copter has been […]

Drone filming of a Bollywood blockbuster in Abu Dhabi

We recently shot some exciting aerial footage for the new Bollywood blockbuster, Bang Bang, in the desert south of Abu Dhabi. As part of the second unit we took aerial shots of the stunt drivers, car crashes, motorbike chases, all the trappings of a great action feature film. Several stunt scenes required close up shots […]

How to get a permit to do aerial filming in Dubai?

How do you get a permit to do aerial filming in Dubai? Getting a permit for aerial filming is usually the second most common question I receive after “how much does an aerial video cost? We are specialists in obtaining these permits quickly and efficiently. There is not one simple answer to do this as it […]

Aerial shoot of the UAE’s largest solar plant

Aerial shoot of a solar farm We recently drove down to Liwa to shoot the UAE’s largest Concentrated Solar Plant. The location was stunning, right in the middle of the big dunes of Liwa and awe inspiring by its size. Risk Assessment in aerial shoots One thing we always take care of doing before a […]

Adding an aerial shot to your corporate video

Why add aerial shots to your corporate video? There are many reasons to add aerial shots to your corporate video. You might need to add some aerial shots of a new development, or the end of a construction project. For all these reasons and a few others we recently did a week long aerial shoot with The […]

World FDI summit

World FDI Summit Annual meeting Held annually in locations around the world, the World FDI Summit (Foreign Direct Investment) provides a unique platform to network and discuss global location decisions amongst FDI dealmakers, including globally expanding companies, economic and investment agencies, and the multipliers and site consultants who advise both parties. This year Sharjah played host […]

5 reasons why a drone is better than a helicopter

  What are the reasons which make a drone better than a real helicopter? A lot of times people tell us, well it doesn’t fly as long or as high as a real helicopter. Sure drones have limitations and we don’t hide them. You can find out more about the technical specs of our drones but […]

Dubai Fighting Championship

Filming the Dubai Fighting Championship Filming events is a tricky business. Some events have very little is happening, a few people walking around looking at paintings, eating finger food and sipping drinks. Then there are nights like the Dubai Fighting Championship which is an explosion of energy and raw animal power. Short of riots and […]

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