Aerial shoot of the UAE’s largest solar plant


Aerial shoot of a solar farm

We recently drove down to Liwa to shoot the UAE’s largest Concentrated Solar Plant. The location was stunning, right in the middle of the big dunes of Liwa and awe inspiring by its size.

Risk Assessment in aerial shoots

One thing we always take care of doing before a shoot is a thorough risk assessment. In this case we speak with the HSE officer and go over the lists of potential hazards as well as the frequency of occurrence.

Once the risk assessment is done we have a grid which looks something like this below and this really helps in planning our shoot.

The shoot proved very interesting and challenging. In order to follow our risk assessment we could not fly above the mirrors, which meant flying outside the perimeter of the large structure or inside on the main road.

The consequences of engine failure and dropping on the huge mirrors was simply too high. Oil runs through a glass pipe in front of the mirrors at more than 500c and 15 bars, anything which could cause a leak in there would mean an entire plant shutdown.

The huge mirrors of Shams solar farm concentrate solar power to heat up oil. This hot oil then produces steam which in turn runs an electricity generating turbine.

Equipment Used

Camera: Canon 5DMkiii

Lens: 24mm prime and ND filters


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