Aerial photography gets your company media coverage

One of the great advantages of aerial photography is that the media love it.

From large scale projects in construction to events, the media loves a birds-eye view of what is happening. One of our clients, Trident Support received front page coverage in one of the largest daily newspapers just by using a good aerial shot of their project.


Media coverage for Dubai based, Trident Support which built the flagpole

Large construction projects

The Olympic park in London was unprecedented in recent English history with more than 11,000 homes built on the 202-hectare site. The best way to share this project was of course an aerial shot.

Right here in the UAE, we recently shot the launch of two new apartment buildings. The iconic Cayan tower with it’s twisted shape gets a new perspective when viewed from above.


Event photography revisited

Most event photographs are taken on the ground, with smiling people posing for the event photographer. This is great but what about taking a wide, birds-eye view of entire event.

Event photo for the 2015 Mubadala Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi

Event photo for the 2015 Mubadala Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi

When you are dealing with tens of thousands of people there is no other way to communicate quickly the scope of an event to readers or viewers. Big panoramic photos of events attract the attention of editors

So now the ball is in your camp. Will you chose aerial photography of your next project?

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