Aerial filming in Dubai with drones

How can I do aerial filming in Dubai with a drone?

With a remote controlled helicopter,  powerful enough to carry an HD camera, you can produce some stunning aerial footage.

There is a lot of talk about aerial filming these days, from cheap remote controlled drones to professional remote controlled multi-copters which can deliver a live feed to a camera operator or DOP on the ground.

Let’s find out a bit more about this new technology which is taking the filming world by storm.

Advantages of using a drone in Dubai

The advantages are numerous, from cost to size and flexibility. Let’s look at the main advantages over a conventional aerial video with a full scale helicopter.

Cost of Aerial filming with drones in Dubai

The biggest advantage is obviously cost. All camera mounted helicopters in Dubai will cost you at the cheapest end AED 80,000 for a few hours of flying. This cost is often just for an establishing shot of Dubai which will last a few seconds!

With a remote controlled helicopter you can start getting into aerial filming with just AED 5,000 which means it’s within the reach of smaller budget productions.

Can any drone work?

Leisure drones

RC helicopters like cars vary in sizes, from cheap recreational models to very large ones. The cheap ones don’t carry much and have a limited flight time.

A leader in this category is the the Parrot A.R Drone, a French built four engine drone which can be controlled via iPhone or Android. It carries a  small camera which feeds HD 720p 30 fps to your phone. It’s great to play with but not really what you want for a quality professional video.


Professional drones

Next up are larger RC helicopters which have 6 to 8 engines. More engines means they can lift heavier loads from 1 to 5kg, which allows them to carry professional HD cameras from a Canon 5Dmk3 all the way to a RED Epic.


3D gimble mounted camera allows for 360 panoramic shots. The landing gear retracts after take off to give you unobstructed shots.


Larger models of RC helicopters cost more but they are a lot more stable and give you some stunning footage.

Stable aerial video

Large remote controlled helicopters also have a remotely controlled 3 axis-gimble which allows the camera to pan and stay on the subject as the helicopter turns around it.

Mobility and flexibility of a drone

So you saved a bunch of money and you can lift a descent camera, now comes the exciting part. Thanks to it’s size most RC helicopters can be carried in a large box and easily setup in indoor or outdoor locations within minutes.

This means you can film inside a large arena, exhibition hall, mall, warehouse…etc.. you can use aerial filming and follow the action taking place inside or do a fly-through to showcase a property.

Questions? I would love to hear them and if you already do aerial filming let me know your thoughts. Contact us here

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